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Shipping, Returns, and Payments

Thanks for supporting Top Gun Day! Please note, we're trying to keep this simple and accommodate as many people as possible.


We try to ship your order as quickly as possible, but sometimes it can take a couple days. Right now shipping within the U.S. is included in the price. Sorry, but the price DOES NOT include the cost to ship internationally (see below).

If you have a large order please email us first at [email protected]


If you want us to ship internationally, please email us first at [email protected]. International orders will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Include the product you wish to purchase, including size and international address you wish us to ship to. If an order is placed through our system without emailing us first, we will contact you and let you know what the shipping rate is. If you are fine with the rate, we will direct you to a payment center where you can pay for the shipping. If not, we will cancel your order at no extra charge.


We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Purchase prices are final at the date of purchase.


If you wish to cancel your order before it has been shipped, email us immediately at [email protected] and include “CANCEL” in the subject line. Please note that you will be charged a $5 USD cancellation fee. You will then receive receipts for this fee and the canceled order via email.


If you need to return a shirt please contact us first at [email protected]. We will have to handle these on a case-by-case basis.


All payments are processed through Paypal, a totally secure way to pay. Your financial information is stored on Paypal’s secure servers and we are notified when your payment has been processed. We never see your personal financial information. With Paypal, you may pay with your bank account or a credit card. If you choose to pay with an E-check, your shipment may be delayed 2-3 days until Paypal can confirm the funds in your bank account. To learn more about Paypal, please visit their website at

You will notice on your credit card statement either “Kuiver” or “Kuiver, LLC” for each transaction with Top Gun Day.